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Luxury & Empowerment

Luxury Jewellery
that Inspires…

Empowering Women to Feel Beautiful

Hey There Beautiful, Welcome to KAJA

“Feeling beautiful is a huge part of a woman’s life”

At KAJA, we believe that the type of Jewellery a woman
wears is a power statement for how she wants to feel…

Jewellery has the ability to make a woman feel confident,
admirable, sexy and elegant.

How do you want to feel?

Luxury & Empowerment

Jewellery is an instrument of elegance and finesse.
It reminds us that we are so worthy of every
magical thing this world has to offer us as women

True Beauty Comes From Within…


In this easy to follow five action guide,
you’ll learn the key steps
to mastering Self-Love

Inside KAJA

Hello Beautiful,
I’m Kristen

A jewellery designer, philanthropist
writer and entrepreneur

I’m dedicated to empowering women to love themselves and feel beautiful
through my line of luxury jewellery

Karma is a beautiful thing…

Love begins with you.

With every purchase you
make, you help a person
in need.

We donate 10% of our profits to
underprivileged communities in
Trinidad and Tobago.

You create a world of love by loving yourself

Join us on your journey of self love
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